Thursday, March 27, 2008

apek and sham sengal.

mind this stupid post. i only post this for apek. not much to say tho. just that we spend our day lepak makan.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008


heyhoo. i had a pretty bad day today. shyt lar. i couldnt get much sleep yesterday because my stupid perut was so sakit. erghh. i donno wat time i sleep yesteday. then today sham woke me up at 1pm just because he wants me to teman him for lunch. hello sayang, i told u my perut was freaking sakit and asking me to teman u for lunch. sorry terpaksa lar tolak cuz i cant even get up from my bed. babi betul. then i cant continue my tido ad. so went downstairs. ayah's not working today :) breakfast (breakfast mende pukul 1), and took some stupid sakit perut pills. geeshh.
still my perut is sakit. ehh babi la ape aku makan semalam?! haha then ayah was trying to make me feel better. and i did :) car survey-ing. yay! last time dia beli kereta dia tak bawak pun. few weeks back he got himself a new car. and he knows i need one for myself. arghh! i was so pissed. so he decided to bring me to the nearest proton dealer.
okay okay, i know proton is a bit lame. but im only 18 and this is gonna be my first car. like wat ery said, 'bukan nak pikir kete tu besar, pakai kete yg sesuai dgn kte.' and i took his advice. i want the new gen2! haha. kalau nak ikot kan hati, aku nak evo ke, skyline ke, the new mazda 6 ke, paling paling ok pun CIVIC ke. haha. but i know my ayah will never buy me those kind of car. hey, thats life, deal with it. kahkah.

well what to do i love myself.
and i love her too. sikit sikit lah.

ahaa so i was abit bored in the car. ambik je la gambar sikit sikit. sampai je kat proton, i saw the new gen2. and i fell in love. haihh. then my ayah started askinkg the sales person about the price and stuff. my ayah said 'no can do'. im like WHAT??!! i want this. so badly :( he said its expensive for me. hey im a good driver lah! huhu. why do you have to let me down? i want you. you stole my heart bitch. and now, i hate you. wahahaha!!!

haha watever. i moved on. cuz i heard this hot sexy stylin baby satria neo calling my name. and this time, im seriously in love. yaryar im stupid. haha. i mean, its like so sporty and cute too. its small and super super cute. and i want it. haha. then ayah settle some stuff with that pacik. ayah said maybe i will be getting that car. ngaa! yay! hey, its better than myvi la okayy! (no offence) kahkah.

thats like so sexy. look at the eye. ahaa.

hot ass :P

ehh apsal aku upload pic ni dua kali? haha lantak la, its stylin!
okayy. i'll be waiting for you sayang :)


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

pity pity him.

ahaa. heyy. ohh kesian sham. baru baru ni dia accident. tgn and kaki dia dah buruk gila :( x selera dah. x) wahaha just kidding. well its a good thhing im his girlf ;P cuz i decided to give him a treat. i mean, spend the whole day with him. haha. fun fun fun! so he pick me up around 10am or sumthing. yeah. and we go lepak somewhere in pj. haha he got some stuff to settle there. so ikot je la. and he send his phone kat kedai somewhere there. honestly, i feel so pity for him. he's broke, da la accident, kene keje sebab nak carik duit, ic patah, x boleh nak buat account bank, then gaji x masok, phone lak rosak. duit lagi. ic baru lagi. i mean, WHY HIM? im jobless. i cant help him. but i tried. thank god bulan ni i have some extra money. haha.dia tu mcm jinx la. mcm2 jadik kat dia. xpela. kesian dia. so lepak je la ngn dia.
haha. beli slurpee sebijik lepas tu share. saving dohh.
itu air org bagi. haha.

was 'syok sendiri'-ing. blergh.

okay okay so we should have save some money for him tapi lepas lepak lepak tu kitorg boring nak mampos. so we decide to go midvalley. plus nak ujan plak. so carik la tempat yg save sikit nak berteduh. thank god mid wasnt so pack. so jalan punya jalan, both of us start to look at each other. LAPAR LAR! haha! gila betol. kitorg pun jalan jalan la looking for place to eat. time tu plak lunch our. so mcm mls nak mkn kat tempat yg ramai. then we hit chili's. bosan sgt la. xtau nak mkn ape. plus tempat tu je yg senang. haha then, chili's it is ;)
okay, so that's his meal. makan mcm ****. kahkah.
i still love lah.eventho kau makan banyak.

o yeahh, see that kudis at his hand. u guys should see his right leg. erghh.
so thats about it. lepas makan kitorg terus balik cuz sham cant barely walk already. semua org was like looking at him because the way he walk. wahaha it was so funny. seriously. i had fun tho cuz da lama gila x lepak lama2 ngn dia mcm tu. he's bz lately. today dia off so lepak la.
hehe i love him la weyh. pity him. get well soon sayang :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

ouh crap.

i miss shamm ;(
and i miss my friends most!
help me im dying.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the big dayy =S

uh ohh.the day has come. kah8. yesterday aku cam takot gila ahh sebab result nak kua. tapi aku manage utk tido dgn lena nye. alhamdulillah. then bila tiba for suboh prayer, usually aku tdo balik lepas smayang tapi tadi aku x dpt tdo sbb pk kn benda ni. tension plak. so pegi la on9 jap kat bawah.

on9 pnye on9 tgk jam dah pukul 9.plan nk gerak skola pukul sambung la on9. then suddenly the house phone was ringing. turns out to be li, my cousin. saying yg dia dah dapat result. omg he's damn good weyh!! result dia mmg puas ati gila ahh! kentang ohh! lepas chat ngn dia, my nervous tiba2 dtg balik. so aku pon pegi la siap2 utk ke skola.

ppl keep calling n text me.adoii sabar la aku pegi skola pon belum da tanya mcm2! grr! haha then i met G kat depan skola. suara dia menggeletar je. meet up ngn few friends yg aku rindu gila babi! haha hug2 jap, lega2 jap (wakakaa) then pegi la meja yg bertulis 5A1. pergh! ada seram gak ah. byk plak benda nk kena sign before dpt result. da mcm artis pon ada. so da sign sume, i got my result. OHHH sgt best.haha. i cant tell u how i did but all i can say is, im proud of myself n i did wat i could. thats my target n i get wat i wanted. alhamdulillah. though its not as good as some of my peeps but im still happy with it.

haha sham, on the other hand was so dissapointed with his result though i dont think its dat bad. muka dia touching je bcoz dia x dpt ape yg dia target. but it wasnt that bad lah syg! ergh! look at his face. mengade n poyo gila! tension gila kua ngn dia tadi. x abes2 talk about his result. tapi i manage to cool him down. hahaha. we went out for lunch n talk n laugh n ohh byk gila ah kitorg borak. keh3. lepas smua tu, he send me home. it was kinda fun. well i'll post more blogs later. chow.