Thursday, April 17, 2008

bored to death,

i cant help myself. im bored. online is the only thing i do. ohh and guitars. im glad im getting better in it :) well thats about it. eatsleeponlineeatsumoreshiteatagainguitarguitareatlagisleep. repeat. repeat. repeat. each and every single day. haha. hows that? sheesh. i miss my friends like gila babi hutan right now. sumpah. azrin, arniesha and ayang. i want them :( ohh and sham too. haha! and few friends back in school. i wanna meet them. heh. i miss school. funny. i knoe. its not like i miss the whole stupid assembly in the morning nyanyi all those stupid songs. its just that i miss the whole atmosphere being in school. makan dalam class, jokes and giggles, IKAN KELI MAKCIK CANTEEN!!! peh! rindu bai! haha. ouh crap.

ohh yea last sundae i went to uitm shah alam for interview. seni lukis dan seni reka? yea. well the whole process was OKAY. i mean, i was the FIRST person for the dayy. hah. well regarding on what i saw that day, uitm is a bit 'old'. haha. but it was ok larr. not saying that the whole thing was ugly. whoops. i wanna continue study!!! im sick of staying at home, stuffing my face, PIGGING OUT! arghh!!! hellppp! but but, i dont wanna grow up :( i miss schooll!!! cinabengg!

**ohh azrin, if youre reading this, samsung called. my mp3 dah bole ambik :) but but im not sure if i can get the usb and the software skali. jom pegi ambik ;) kena 25bucks je. that day i paid 35 (well, sham paid ;P heheh), does that mean i have to pay another 25 or they'll give back 10bucks? oii call me!

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azrin said...

weyh, aku bru je terbaca.. haha..
u shud have call me if u want me to drive u there..
ape la ko nie..
aku hanta aku tlg amik jgk la..
asal x bgtau..
aku xde hal sgt aa..