Thursday, April 10, 2008

paris, switzerland and italy,

jealous gilaa! my sister fifi dapat pergi travel! im so jealous. so jealous. so jealous! i wanna go!! but i cant T_T sedih gilaa!! hmmph. whatever.

yesterday ayah, ma and i went klia hantar fifi. whatever. tu je. haha. lepas hantar balik lah. nak cite ape lagi? haha. oo i shopped for chocolates. omg i had chocs for dinner yesterday. sheesh! fats la okay. but i dont care. touching ohh x dpt ikot. i seriously wanna go.

i told sham and he was like "haha padan muka tak dapat pegi. bagus la. jangan nak ngade2." im like, wtf? what mengade? if his sister dapat pergi travel for sure he wants to follow kan? dia yg mengade. haha. imissyou :)

and today ayah and i pergi book kereta. and guess what. he booked the new gen2 instead of satria neo. haha guess i got what i wanted anywayy :) thanx ayah.

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Anonymous said...

how did you find my blog??
im like 'who's this person?safarafa safari??"then i buka the link and and its you!!