Friday, May 9, 2008

goodbye and goodluck hafez,

my friend hafez is going to matrix negeri sembilan ):
nyahahaha kesian enjoy la puas puas this saturdayy and sundayy (:

since i'll be going to kuantan tomorrow, let me just post this today. incase tak sempat nak cakap bye ke ape ke kan. hee (:

he's a rockstar (;

ahuh yeap thats hafez alrite. well all i want to say is, he's a great friend. pelik tapi baik. hahah. okay.

hafez ; goodluck in whatever you're doing alrite? dont forget all ur friends back in pj. we will miss u. TONS! heh and u noe who's gonna miss u like crazyy. HAHA! d;

andd to all my friends yang dah nak pegi sambung study tu, GOOD LUCK as well (:

will be missing you (:

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