Wednesday, May 14, 2008

P.I.G stands for people,i gained,

haha malas nak pk dah. semalam dan semalam punye semalam aku puasa. ye ar, ganti la kan.
pastu pk tu konon nye nak lose weight jugak. sambil menyelam minum air. aceylamaak! (:
hmmph. ha ah. mcm la puasa for two days dah bole turun beberape kg. mase berbuka tu mkn pun, masyaallah. agaga!

i finished packing. FINALLY! sheesh. it took me three days to actually pack my stuff for 12 days. and u have no idea how tiring it is. well at least to me it is. itu pun ada lagi bende yg belum masuk. stressingg dou! poyo je plak.

spent the whole day eating. seriously! pagi2 lagi dah makan pizza. lunch makan nasik goreng ayam. pastu balik je makan filet o fish. pastu malam makan lagi meehoon soup. pastu asal aku duduk depan pc je, MENGUNYAH! MUNCH! MENGUNYAH! MUNCH!

curse you waffle crisp. but yet, i cant get enuff of you ):

thats what i've been stuffing my face with. apsal la kau sedap sgt. ADDICTED dou! haha.

well yeaa. thats pretty much how my life is right now. i spend my time on9ing, searching for chords, watch some guitar lesson videos, download new songs, myspace, yada yada yada. yup. thats practically it. my life is TOTALLY going my wayy! (: HAHA!

sham slept through the whole day. i was bored. haha. takpe la dia penat la pulak kan. so bia je la dia tido mcm baby. eeeee booo! tomorrow is gonna be hectic i suppose. i'll update something before im off to uk alrite?

bye people (:

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