Thursday, September 24, 2009

lets break hearts for laugh,


im into this babe.
helen kirby.
gonna cut my hair soon and i want it to be just like hers :D
ever heard of i haunt wizards?
i like their music (:

im in kuantan for no reason.
i mean seriously.
pegy beraya pun sikijaap saja.
duduk kat hotel, internet je la.

i was browsing for chords.
and i think i like this song from taylor swift.
its called you belong with me.
lagu senang, pegy la main. best pulak tu (:

lepastu, pegy main lagu avenged sevenfold - seize the day.
pun best jugak.
okay? :D bye.

p/s : duhet ghaye sudah short satu ratus ):

1 comment:

ra|nbOw said...

ahah. yesss. both song mmg best. =]