Wednesday, September 23, 2009

hohoho merry raya,



okay, sumpah aku lari tema tahun ni.
was suppose to wear -yellow to brown to gold.
but i wear cream instead. HAHA! wahteverrrr! (:

my raya was okay.
eventho ada sad moments about our family, but we made it fun together, so yeah (:

and yes, duhet ghayee tahun ini, woohooo.
ohh wait, nonono.
spend it wisely sara.
it might end up in the toilet bowl again. FISHHH!
whatever, im still gonna spend it anyway. HAHA.
raya tahun ni agak kurang because of some reason.
one of my aunty is not feeling well. get well soon btw ):
and, tahun ni aku celebrate raya singleeee (:
yeah, 4 kali dah celebrate with shambeng but not nemore.
its all good. im happy if u're happy dude (:
tons of story to share.
raya kedua biasa la, bowling with the cousins.
1st game, i got second place, whootwhoot!
2nd game, down gila babii.
3rd game, i quit! HAHA yeah im a loser.
later that night we had barbeque like the usual.
tade dinner di hotel seperti biasa atas sebabsebab tertentu.
tapi barbeque pun best jugak (:
never thought raya turned out fine.
guess i just have to play along, kan?
well, gotta go, raya cookies are waiting. bye! (:
p/s : payah jadik photographer ni, muka aku tak banyak. HAHA ;p

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