Thursday, May 1, 2008


yesterday was like WOAHH! haha. i on9 from 9sumthing until apek called me.

we talked from 12-2.30am. gila lama! budoh kau apek! but i thanked him for making me stay up so i can watch the match (:

and im glad i did! CHELSEA WON! wahaha! but but honestly i think they played fine.
liverpool played well tho. BUT TOO BAD! SO SAD! chelsea menang.
bwek bwek ;P

lampard is furrrrrreakingggggg HOT! (:

look look look (:
ade ke patut org kate x aci dia goal penalty.
pegi mampus la penalty tak penalty.
dia hot. so? haha!

i cant wait. finals! chelsea will definitely win (:but man utd's not bad after all.but still! i dont want to cheat on chelsea (:haha! cant wait!and now, i have eyebags cuz i stayed up until 5.30 and woke up at 12.30.

azrin mengade nak call call plak.

haha. and hafez text me and said upu pnye result dah bole check skang.

so i did (:

well thank god i got what i wanted.

so did sham.

haah.but im not sure if we're in the same place.

ohh wdv.

i hope some of my friends dapat dekat dekat from where im going.

hee (;

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