Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ngaa (:

heyy all. today was a very VERY boring dayy for me. i seriously do not noe wat to do. i feel like blogging but i donno wat to write. haaa. stupidness. here goes. my crappy post.

okay hopefully next month would be the best month for 2008. i mean, i expect it to be. reasons?

may5th : our 3 years anniversary. sham and i (: gaaaaahhh cant wait for my prezzie. HAHA! get me something NICE boy (;

andd some other reasons to love MAY2008 :DD

okayy so basicly i spend my days catching up on my guitar, eat (well im turning into a pro in this -_-') and online. haaa. so i want to tell u guys about this friend of mine. omg this guy is so kind. i mean, he listens to what i had to say. noe wat i mean? like i share stuff with him. he's a nice guy man. HAHA.

haa this is ashruff. i call him ash (: HAHA. gila baik dohh budak nih! i mean, he share stuff about his school days, so do i. and he listens, gives me good advice (: i appreciatte that :D eventho he's kinda new, but i noe he can be my friend for a long time (: he even thought man u is gonna win which i disagree with that statement. i mean, havent u guys heard? man u is going down. HAHA! but but, thats not the point. senang cite, he's a nice guy to talk to. HAHA :D

(im still waiting for ur blog link tho. cepat la siap kan ur blog. hehe)

alrite so thats my post for todaay. HAHA. yea i noe, im full of crapp. kau susah? hee (:

**still waiting for april to end. i so hate april! especially on april fools. curse u hafez. grrr. just kidding (:

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