Monday, May 5, 2008

05.05.05 - 05.05.08,



hahaha (:

too bad we cant meet. sebok nak carik keje. + i think im grounded for the rest of my life. what a good way to enjoy my teenage life. HAHA! but i dont mind. atleast he wished me. hoho. ohh we've been together since 05.05.05. yay! we made it boy! haha! conclusion;

05.05.05 - 05.05.08 and counting (:

(still waiting for my prezzie. HAHA!)

okay enuff said. today is like the best day of my life (kot). haha. ok. reasons, its our 3rd year ann. and today dah bole check which part of uitm im going.

well i woke up and tros turun (x menyempat nak gosok gigi adehh) lantak arr! haa (: pastu kak nora was there. she said 'ohh sara abg zarul dah check. sara dapat uitm melaka.'

im like wtf???? melaka??? thats like effing far la ): i want to stay nearby je. nak duduk ngn my parents. i cant survive without them. shitsss. but i tried to think positive. atleast im not going to perak! thats like lagi jauh from melaka kot. haha. then ok la.

so i went online and check it myself. haa mmg confirm la dapat kat alor gajah. heh. takpe la. tekan je la button 'bersetuju'. tu.

then suddenly sham msg. suruh tolong check kan. so i did. and guess what?


yea but im not that happy about it. because i'll be seeing his face and seeing him making new friends there. well u noe wat i mean ;P mesti touching dohh. haha tapi mampus la. yg penting i cant wait to study! lifeless dohh dok umah!! haha! ngahaa. but he was like 'yay yay yay yay yay'. he cant stop saying 'yay' la. gosh. mcm la dapat jadik perdana menteri. poyo je.

ok. thats about it. HAPPY ANNI SAYANG (:


=azam= said...

welcome to UiTM......

safarafa safari said...

ehh sape azam? hahaha

azrin said...

omg! congrats to yous..
same campus weyh..
chunted! =]

weyh!! aku rindu!!