Thursday, May 28, 2009

sangat menyakitkan hati,

pertama sekali saya ingin mengucapkan TAHNIAH kepada pensokong pensokong man utd.
TAPAUUUUU siott! (:

okeh. kembali kepada saya, i am not feeling any better.
i am 20% blind, 40% sick, 10% pissed off and 30% hungry.
i threw up almost everything that goes down my throat.
even im not sure what am i going through now.
my eyes are getting better though. tiba tiba boleh demam pulak.
satu satu nak datang.
lepas ni ape pulak? sakit kentut tak berhenti? cool gileee (: haha.

i am so pissed off right now.
i dont feel like blogging anymore tapi itu hanya perasaan sementara. haha.
i feel like changing my number cuz i've been getting weird calls from weird people.
i feel like canceling my myspace account cuz i cant concentrate on other stuff.
i want to eat but i cant. how sad is that?

things that used to be so easy seems to be so difficult now.
i cant live this way dude.
i need somebody. seriously.
buttttt, im better off alone anyway. kan? whatever.

oh ohh! and guess what?
my trip to UK is postponed to november!
GAAAAHHHH! fuck you pig flu!
i was soooo excited about this trip man.

andd to momat rizzuan, ngeh ngeh ngeh.
i am not working.
im a complete pig right now ;p
duduk rumaah je.
nanti sara dah sihat kita lepak.
see you when i see u lah k?
miss you weyhh.

p/s : there's been alot of considering and i think graphic is just my path. apa apa lah!


Anonymous said...

yar! bukan stakat tapau ja, penampau pun bleyh bagi kat manusia yang bergelar "pensokong man utd" wahhaha.. :D

fina. said...

ahh.engkau jgn kutuk mu aku walaupun kalah.