Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ba ba kambing hitam,

ever feel like you're the black sheep of the family?

everything u did for them was just a waste of time?
what u did meant nothing for them?
trying so hard to be the best but failed to attempt?

welcome to my world (:

im not here to make myself look stupid.
not here to complain about what i have or what i dont.
man, how things pissed me off today.
nak makan roti canai sekeping pun susah -.-'

i wish i could just get out from this box im living in.
i feel so, i dont know. trapped i guess?
im 19, soon to be 20.
so why treat me like an 8 year old?

wait, do i act like one? -,-
whatever it is, i shouldnt be bothering u guys with these kind of posts.
banyak lagi benda korang boleh buat daripada baca aku complain complain pasal hidup aku.

but this is what i do.
i write when im mad.
banyak sangat draft yang tak sanggup aku post sebab terlalu banyak makian dan hamunan dalam tu.

oh wells. special thanks to kratos for being there when i need someone to talk to. i cried like shit when he called, just to make sure im alright. how sweet. thanks for lending me ur shoulder. funny, i laughed like a mad cow after explaining all the fucking misery i've been through today HAHA. big thanks to his jokes too, u're the cheese to my macaroni (:

im getting tired with this semester break.
i've no money, no car and no friends to go out with.
anybody care to give me an entertainment? call me.
HAHA. blahh.


p/s : done with life. u can kill me now (: haha

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