Tuesday, June 29, 2010

quality time with fams, priceless,

pictures (:
the person who drives me around (eventhough im legal enough to drive myself) and hangs with me everytime i have absolutely nothing to do. i've been such pain in the ass to her but still she layan-ed me HAHA im so grateful to have you as my sister. thanks kakakdek :D

mummy dearest, you've made me a better person. head strong, bad tempered, yea that's me. but you've managed to pull it through. my super mum! :D

orang lamo! haha ayah and mak. never fails to bring a smile on their girls faces (:

orang baru. haha takde la baru sangat. kakak nora, eldest sistahh and the brothahh in law, abang zarul.

and of course the very 'oh-so-gedik' sofieya my niece yang mengada tapi comel tapi gedik tapi sayang dia! :pp

mama chu, the one i cant imagine living without.

was accompanied by sarah, kakakdek's bestest friend.

ye aa muka sembap stfu! -.-'

i end this post with a barbie sugar-ed paper (totally edible! ok aku jakunzii) on sofieya's birthday cake!
more to come.

p/s : thanks mak ayah. i've waited for two years, there's no harm in waiting another 2 months. no rush but im just SO EXCITED!! :DD

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Eqa Azhari said...

waiting for what sara? ehem ehem. :D