Tuesday, June 29, 2010

those were the days,

(i like b&w pictures, so?!)

i miss us.
i know there's been alot of "wehh aku takleh join esok class pack ):"
or "takleh doee aku kerja esok, lunch break boleh laa."
or maybe "im only free on thursday." (tapi done done laa haritu aku pulak takleh pegy)

bila aku dengan ayang and niesha lepak, azrin takleh join.
bila aku dengan niesha and azrin lepak, ayang takleh join.
bila aku dengan azrin and ayang lepak, niesha takleh join.
dan bila mereka lepak bersama, aku pulaak takleh join.

so yeah, susah sangat nak jumpa 4 ekor sekali gus.
or the six of us, including miera and tanty.
i miss everything about us.

i am looking forward for this thursday.
hope to see you guys soon, i mean the three of you, TOGETHER! :pp
miera and tanty, it would be nicer if you could join us (:

ok lah, i got some sleeping to do HAHAS! bye!

p/s : baby is going back to college and im left here alone T.T

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