Friday, November 13, 2009


hello kawans (:

here's a smile (:

this year is by far the worst birthday ever ):

however, would like to thank you guys for the birthday wishes.
thru phones, smses, myspace, facebook. macammacam mana cara pun la.
thanks sangatsangat (:

thanks to ayah for my new watch. auuuuuu! me likeyyy (:
more cash from ma and chu, THANK YOU!!! :D
cute tshirt from kaknora, love it!
big black bobot from shambeng, thanks! :D

last but not least, happy birthday lulu! kita share birthday yang sama tapi tak dapat celebrate togother ): tapi takpe la, balik ni kita buat party liar ayte. au au auuuu! :D

thanks again peeps! peace out! (:

p/s : cant wait for semester break!


penanya (?) said...

hepi birthday kacak

sara kacak said...

terima kasih naza buku lali angelina jolie! (: