Saturday, December 19, 2009

things will change even if you do nothing,

i've been sick for almost 2 days now.
throwing up and tummy aches.
boohoo ):

harini, the fam and i went to subang for a birthday party.
im not sure siapa punya birthday but im sure it was one of my cousins lahh.
haha aku lousy gila lahh aku datang nak makan je. tettt! (:
the bbq was awesome!

my mum and i chitchated alot today while sippin on our pink soda. slurpp (:
i have the best mum on earth, even if she does get on my nerve sometimes. ;p
well, vice versa lahh kan but who cares.
she's the best, hands down.

was freaking tired today, taktau kenapa.
badan macam lesu je aihh.
balik from subang tu kong-ed for 10 minutes until my dad entered my room.

'tolong call pizza boleh? mak lapar.'

okay, then went downstairs, pujuk rayu suruh order mcdonalds instead.
but she refuse, so had to go and call dominos -_-'
picked up the phone then suddenly kaknora abangzarul chu and maktok came home with FOOD!

went upstairs. spend my night watching Nacho Libre.
then got hungry.
end up calling mcdonalds at 1 am after all, pffft! -_-'
spent 30 freaking bucks.
highlight sikit, we used our own money.
and now, i am officially broke.
like tahi serius sengkek! T.T

all in all, i have like 2 ekor ayam dalam perut harini.

way to go sistahh! :D

people have been questioning on 'kenapa sara hanya pakai tudung hitam?'.
as if it was an issue to them.
hehh, yeah, i only wear black tudung fullstop
i dont wear selendang as well. at least not now.
but yeah, i am lame enough to only have 2 white tudungs and kazzillion tudung hitam HAHA.
okay sumpah aku seorang yang membosankan. haha.
tapi aku tak kisah, i like the way i am (:

and if you're wondering, kenapa sara selalu pakai baju hitam or putih kosong.
tettt! one more time, aku seorang yang membosankan.
i have like 5 plain black shirt and 4 plain white shirt and i love them all.
even if they look the same, really, they're not. HAHA.
i washh my clothes lahh you dumbass! hah!

kutuk jeans koyakkoyak kat bawah macam takde duit nak beli jeans baru?
ehehh, fyi, jeans itu sengaja di koyakkan supaya bila aku berjalan, aku tidak menyapu pada masa yang sama. hehehh.
yang pelik nya, my parents, my nenek tak pernah question pulak bendabenda ni.
haihh manusiamanusia sekarang, tak boleh tengok orang senang eyy? (:

takpelahh korang terbaik.

keep up the good work! lots of love. bye!

p/s : dont you just hate it when people get the wrong idea towards you? dayyummnn!


Ashhh. said...

black & white are the best, sara. ;D

sara kacak said...

you got that right! (: