Monday, October 18, 2010


b, this is for you.
this is by far the worst week ever.
i was broke, restless, pressured, tired, sick and to top it all, heart broken.

b, if you're reading this, im sorry.
u can call me mad, u can call me a psycho freak.
but im standing up for my rights.
and one of it is u.

b, i've been such pain in the ass for u.
i've let u down so many times.
i know some of my harsh words really hurt u.
but u gotta know, this is the way i am.

b, i know how disappointed u are.
for what i've done, made u freaked out.
u didnt expect me to do such things, believe me, i dont either.
but i have a strong reason for this.
u cant judge me from what u saw.
u didnt know what i was going through the whole time.

b, u taught me so much.
about life, about love, patience and loyalty.
u were always there, holding my hands, telling me, "sayang, its going to be ok."
so tell me now, am i going to be ok without u by my side?
do u want to lose it all?
after all those memories we've been through?

b, i hold on to ur words.
the ones u said every night before we go to sleep.
the ones u told me every morning when i woke up.
honestly b, i dont want to lose u.
u're my only hope.

b, i cried like shit tonight.
when u decided to let them fall apart.
i was speechless.
please tell me that wasnt for real.

b, i dont want to go through this all over again.
i wanna be with u.
only u.
we promised, remember?

everything i do reminds me of u.
please save some space for me in your heart.
just want to let u know that i miss u, and i love u.
we can still fix this right?

please say yes.

im sorry ):
hopefully u still drop by my blog once in a while.
i love u.

p/s : yes, aku bodoh, aku bodoh, aku bodoh. i admit my stupidity. i was wrong. but i'll make it up to u. please?

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